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AP Confinement is the first and only integrated luxury confinement suite in Singapore, with renowned facilities at prime locations across the region.

With our exclusive features and fully personalised services, we are dedicated to providing an impeccable confinement experience like no other.

As a pioneer in the industry, AP Confinement strives to transform and revolutionise the traditional practice of confinement. Every aspect of your postpartum stay with us is fully personalised and aimed at catering your every need.

Our luxurious rooms, all-rounded amenities, professional nannies, trained baby and parenting experts, exquisite confinement meals are all specially curated with the customer in mind to promote healing and wellness.

At AP Confinement, we believe that every customer is unique and deserving of the very best.

Our Services

Nanny will provide 24-hour care and attention for your newborn including day and night feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, and updating the baby’s daily log.

Nanny will do laundry which includes washing, hanging and folding clothes. Baby’s clothing will be hand-washed.

Enjoy unlimited 28 days of confinement herbal bath, which will be prepared by nanny.

Gain confidence as a new parent through tips and knowledge on baby care from your nanny.

Enjoy unlimited 28 days of herbal red dates tea, which will be prepared by nanny.

Get 5 nutritious meals a day, including 2 main meals of 4 dishes each. Nanny will prepare breakfast and snacks for the mother, and perform basic cleaning duties for the kitchen after meals.

Twice weekly professional housekeeping services will be provided. Nanny will also separately help to clean the floor twice a week.

1-1 class conducted by certified experts on early baby brain sensory stimulation, fun motor baby activities, baby’s sleep cycle, nutrition and optimal brain growth environment.

Customised lactation advice to empower mothers to acquire skills on successful breastfeeding.

Our complimentary pre and postnatal massages will soothe and relax you.

Capture the magical beginning of precious newborns by our award winning photographer.

Pamper yourself with our complimentary Classic Manicure and Pedicure services (gel).

Enjoy a refreshing perk-me-up with our gentle facial services.

Complimentary make-up and hairdo session through natural korean-style makeup and hairstyling, using the finest products even for sensitive skin types.

Qualified medical professionals conducting baby vaccination (2 months onwards till 5 years old) to your home.*

Travel in luxury from hospital to apartment (and to home) with peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?We provide a full range of exclusive features and services that you do not get with typical confinement. Savour an experience like no other.

  • Hassle-free
  • All-in-one package
  • Fully personalised at every stage
  • Multiple prime suite locations
  • Fully-equipped rooms for a luxurious stay
  • Professionally trained nannies
  • Nannies featured in the media
  • Lead nanny trainers are hospital-certified
  • Value-added VIP service

Premium Suite
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Our Partners

With their established history and multiple accolades, our partners are committed to excellence and one of the best in their respective industries.

Confinement Angels' Certifications



AP Confinement has partnered with Singapore’s leading confinement nanny agency, Confinement Angels, to ensure that you get the best care and helping hand during your stay with us. Also known as the celebrities’ choice, Confinement Angels provides parents with peace of mind by adhering to the highest standards in baby care, baby hygiene and baby safety SOPs.

In The Spotlight

Featured on Channel 8 and Channel U – 28 November 2020

As a resilient business, here’s how Confinement Angels have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions.


Featured on The New Paper – 11 August 2020Confinement Angels Singapore

The confinement nanny industry has been disrupted due to travel restrictions and border closures as a result of Covid-19. Trained nannies are more in demand than ever, leading to a rise in prices.

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Featured on Channel 5 and CNA – 14 June 2020

As a customer-oriented business, Confinement Angels has taken measures to meet the surge in demand for confinement nannies during the circuit breaker period.

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Featured on The Sunday Times – 25 April 2020

Covid-19 has changed the way we work and live. The confinement nanny industry has also been affected and here’s how Confinement Angels is doing its best for clients.

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Featured on The New Paper – 20 March 2020

Through innovation and resilience, Confinement Angels smoothly overcame new lockdown measures announced by the Malaysian government due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Featured on CNA – 18 March 2020

Despite new Covid-19 measures in Malaysia disrupting businesses, Confinement Angels managed to overcome numerous challenges to best serve its clients.

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Featured on TV – CNA – 24th December 2019

Confinement Angels provides parents with a Peace of Mind with its pool of professionally trained nannies, who are experts in newborn care, best safety practices and more.

Featured on TV – Japan TV

Thanks @NHK WORLD JAPAN for the feature! 😊

Featured on TV – Channel NewsAsia – 18th Feb 2019

At Confinement Angels, nannies undergo strict training and stringent audits so that they can fulfil the needs of newborns and parents to the best of their abilities.

Featured on TV – Channel 8 – 10th June 2019

With a trustworthy team of confinement nannies and customer-oriented service, Confinement Angels delivers only the best to its clients.

Featured on The Straits Times

Confinement Angels’ head trainer, Ms Rachel Ang, and MADAM PARTUM founder, Ms Yen Lim, are honoured to be part of Still Young’s mobile app launch on 1 August. They shared their expertise on postpartum care at the event, which was also attended by MP Tin Pei Ling.

Noon Talk Media With Confinement Angels

Featured on Zaobao – 7th July 2019

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Congrats on your bundle of joy! We are excited to embark on your beautiful parenthood journey with you. AP Confinement is Singapore's first and only integrated luxury confinement staycation suite with multiple renowned facilities islandwide. We look forward to providing you with the best and most unforgettable confinecation moment of your life! Here at AP

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